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Get Shit Straight.

If you’ve been overwhelmed, confused or down right #done with trying to get your biz to the next level, I’m here to help you get shit straight and make those BIG ideas come to life. Let’s get your strategy + marketing on track.

Get Shit Done.

Let’s get #allthethings off your shoulders NOW so you can focus on working strictly in your ZONE of genius {and FINALLY get some no-stress family time, right?!} Get help managing your time, team + tasks.

Learn Cool Shit.

I pride myself in providing the best free marketing + biz strategy content under the sun. If you’re up for learning some cool shit, you’re in the right place. Head over to my blog & get in the know with all things #digitalmarketing.

It’s So Good To Meet You! <3

I’m Eva. Mom to be, wife, dog mama and an entrepreneur fo’ life!

I’m an online business manager & strategist with over 8 years of experience in business management + marketing.

My Philosophy? Everything you do in your online business should feel GREAT + be tailored to YOUR NEEDS. No matter what the current “silver bullet formula” is.

My Mission? Online business is a team sport. You should NOT be losing your mind, sleep OR family time over getting shit done. I’m here to help you THRIVE in your zone of genius, while I take care of the rest.

I can help you get your strategy + marketing on track while your shit gets done, your team thrives and your biz blossoms, because I’m awesome like that 😉 Sounds good?

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Build A Brand That Attracts THE RIGHT Clients + Makes You Consistent $$$ >>>