Don’t I look scared on that Youtube Video thumbnail? Yep, coz this one is scary for SO many of us.

We FEAR speaking publicly, we fear being on video, we fear having our voices heard.

So how the fuck do you get over your fear of visibility and start getting yourself out there, the REAL YOU?

Well, here’s my less than ideal story of going from point A (get me away from that camera!) to point B (I’m doin’ a LIVE video in 3 people!).

All you really have to do, is get pissed off enough to START.

Because you’re never going to be ready, nope.

Just like noone is ready to have kids, noone is ready to start going on live video, record vlogs, promote their online business or launch their product or service. But those who succeed, do it ANYWAY.



I know you might think the “do it anyway” part is bull – I’ve thought that way too, until now.

In fact, it’s a golden piece of advice and when you finally arrive at that moment, it makes ALL THE SENSE in the damn world.

So I encourage you to listen to my story, hear me out, take my advice, and just fucking get out there and do it – because you can!

Much love,

Eva xos