Can we please talk about the “non sales”, “veiled” sales pitch? I must say it’s one of these things I NEVER got and still don’t get in the online world.

Why the fu*k can’t we just, like a “normal” human beings, say (where applicable of course) THIS IS WHAT I DO, THIS IS MY SERVICE, THIS IS MY BUSINESS.

Why are people comparing NORMAL business promo, something businesses all over the damn world do all the time and invest millions of dollars of campaign money into, TO CAR SALESMANSHIP?

Why are sales being stigmatized and called ICKY? Why are people scared to just come out and say THIS IS WHAT I OFFER, THIS IS HOW I CAN HELP YOU, THESE ARE MY CREDENTIALS, THIS IS WHAT I DO?

On one hand, you have people offering you courses and coaching, promising “I’m gonna make you FEEL SO GOOD ABOUT SELLING, SELLING DOESN’T HAVE TO BE ICKY!” then on the other, we have (often the same) people instructing us to “Make sure you’re not being too sales’y!”

Well I’m sorry, how the f*ck can you sell without being “sales’y”?

What does sales’y even mean? Am I selling TOO much? Am I selling wrong? Is me telling the world what I do and what I offer and HOW I SERVE, sales’y?

I’ve been in online business for 3 years, I’ve got an MA in international marketing, I’ve spent 6 long years as a corporate marketing manager, and I DO NOT GET IT PEOPLE.

Can someone please explain why we’re hiding and veiling our incredible, valuable offers in ridiculously long and vague posts that often don’t make any sense?

So this is my take: I do 2 things in my business. I serve and I market myself.

When I serve, I help, give advice, strategies, tips, inspiration, I question things, I contribute, communicate, make and spark conversation, I connect and I listen.

When I market, I say what I do, why I do it, and how I can help YOU get from where you are, to where you want to be. Pure and simple.

I’m so curious to know what you guys think about this, am I the only one who feels this whole sales stigma is just INSANE? Share your views / rants / questions in the comments!

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Much love!
Eva xos