This is for all the business queens, entrepreneur trail blazers, ass kicking ladies who have just found out they’re having a baby OR are already on their 9 month journey both babe + biz in stride.

You need to hear this!

We’re so used to wearing a bazillion hats day in, day out. Doing #allthethings, pulling late nighters when necessary, swapping free time for ON the biz time #truestory and basically kicking ass all around.

We deliver for our clients, we nurture our email lists, we engage with our social media followers.

We build the email lists, we build the followings, we go out and get the clients. We’re unstopabble, unfuckable, fierce and ready to rock around the clock.


And then we get pregnant.

Here I was, thinking that I’m going to continue just like I did, doing all the things I did, when I wanted to, how I wanted to.

I was going to move and shake the world before my baby came, and I was gonna do it giving my 200%. No rest for the wicked!


Maybe it’s coz this is my first pregnancy, maybe it’s coz I’m so used to powering through life with no questions asked.

How wrong was I? Makes me wanna laugh now that I think about it.

Pregnancy kicked my ASS. HARD.

I had to change how I do business and when I do business.

I had to change my approach, attitude and mindset.

I had to surrender, accept and flow with the changes that were rampant in my body and mind.

It was hard, there were tears, I was pissed off, I tried to take shortcuts.

Pregnancy taught me the lesson that I haven’t managed to learn through all the corporate burnouts and entrepreneurial exhaustion – self care matters.

I come first. If I’m not thriving physically and emotionally, neither will my biz.

Now I want to share my story and what I’ve learnt (the hard way) with YOU, mama.

You can rock your biz and rock your bump while staying rested, healthy and happy. But shit will have to change – for the better!


Click on the video at the top of this post to listen up about my adventure with pregnancy and running an online business – I really hope you find it helpful, reassuring and eye opening!

Know a mama who could really benefit from listening to this? Please share! <3

What are your experiences with being pregnant and in business? What did you struggle with the most? How did you cope? Please share your story in the comments! Let the mamas unite!

So much love for you + your bump!

Eva xos