You’ve probably noticed, scrolling through your social media feeds, that everyone’s on all the platforms, posting their hearts out, adding new videos, new content, inspirational quotes, lifestyle images…and you’re thinking about your own social media strategy.

You’re getting real FOMO just thinking about it.

There are so many social media strategies floating out there, and the key take away?

YOU NEED TO BE EVERYWHERE because every platform can do something great for your business. If you’re not there, you’re missing out!

So Here Are 10 Social Media Strategy Tips Which Will Likely Lead To Temporary Insanity:


1.Always be visible in all the right Facebook groups!

Be helpful, answer questions and position yourself as an expert

2.Make sure you’re building your own Facebook group!

Where you show up multiple times a day, of course. With all the VALUE. Value value value.

3.Always post on your Facebook business page!

AND don’t forget your personal profile, for more reach!

4.You MUST Instagram your life.

Remember to carefully document your life, add inspirational quotes AND business tips to your Instagram, at least 3 x weekly.

You have to make sure your Insta grid is presentable, reflects your brand and builds your online identity consistently and in style. Yas bitch.

5.Don’t forget Twitter!

Remember that Twitter is fast paced, so you need to post at least 10-20 times a day

6.Bitches be podcasting.

If you don’t have your own podcast, you will not build engagement or expert status, get going with those episodes!

7.You have to create video content consistently.

Make sure you’re doing Facebook lives AND posting them to Youtube and re-purposing them for your blog. You should also look into Insta stories while you’re at it, since you need to keep up with video on your Instagram too.

8.Keep up with Snapchat, it’s the millennial platform you HAVE to be on.

If you want to stay on top of your game that is.

9.Don’t worry – you can create all that content in bulk

By waking up at 5 am and hustling, like a REAL entrepreneur.

10.Get yourself a scheduling tool

It’s going to make things so.much.easier. Make sure you opt in for the premium plan so you can schedule ALL 7584939 of your social media accounts in bulk and share ALL the content between them too.

Bonus tip #1 (because not enough crazy in here)

Remember to create pins for every single post you create for your blog, and add them to your perfectly curated Pinterest profile, at least once a week.

Bonus tip #2

Did you know that audio/radio is making a comeback? Are you recording snappy 5 min episodes with Anchor? NO?

Does that sound about right, when you come to think of what you SHOULD be doing on social media to get visible, establish expert status, get more clients, grow your business…?

Isn’t it batshit crazy to expect one person to do all that? Even if you have a team to help you out, focusing on all these things at one will only spread your genius thin, contribute to major overwhelm and keep you stuck exactly where you are.


The fact is, online business in general is still a young industry, we’re still exploring what really works and what doesn’t, how to navigate the virtual jungle and what to really focus on.

Trends change like colors in a kaleidoscope, as to algorithms and the “next big strategy”.

That’s why you need to focus on what works for YOUR business AND what works for YOU.


You need to be on the platform where your audience hangs out, but also – a platform where you feel fucking great.

Where you want to show up every single day, where you want to thrive and engage.

A platform that doesn’t make you wanna throw up in your mouth a little, when you think of getting visible there.

I’ll give you a real life example, my own.

I know my ideal clients hang out on Facebook, in Facebook groups – very likely. But me ? There is just something about the Facebook group “thing” that makes me wanna gag a little.

Yes, I’ve gained clients thanks to Facebook groups.

Yes, I do have a couple of favorites where I try and stay active.

But honestly?

Right now, it’s a chore. I’m just not really a Facebook kinda gal.


I LOVE Pinterest. Pinterest is a platform based on information, learning, education, new ideas, new ways to get things done.

That’s what I’m all about – teaching, learning, strategy, getting things done so we can enjoy our life!

While I will keep Facebook as a secondary platform where I will stay visible (most of the time), Pinterest will always be my primary focus.

I know my audience is there, I love being there, I know how to make it work – WIN-WIN.

Remember that with such an abundance of social media platforms – your audience is very likely to hang out in more than just one. You do not have to have all the platforms in your social media strategy, all at the same time.

You’re not doomed to stick to platforms you really don’t feel like being on. It’s actually better that you don’t try to be everywhere, all the time.

It’s your business, you call the shots, don’t make it hard for yourself just because people are saying you should. Fuck it.

So how do you use social media strategy to grow your business, without feeling overwhelmed, sick and spread too thin?

10 Social Media Strategy Tips For Consistent Success


1.Pick 1-2 platforms to focus on and build out first.

A primary platform to mainly share your content on and a secondary where you will mainly engage and communicate with your audience.

IT’S OK TO NOT WANT TO BE EVERYWHERE. It’s actually a smart move for your biz.

2.Decide on 1-2 ways to create your content.

Whether that’s writing blog posts, recording videos, audios, creating tutorials or infographics, pick one or two that feel best and will not have you procrastinating like a mad woman every time you have a great idea to share.

3.Plan your content in advance and do it in bulk.

Setting aside a couple of hours  to create your month’s worth of content is the most effective way to stay consistent and get shit done.

4.Don’t do anything you don’t feel great doing.

I know they all say ” If it scares you, you should probably do it” – make sure you know the difference between “I wanna do it but I’m scared” and “I don’t wanna fucking do it but they say I should”.

Your people will sense when you’re just NOT into it, whatever “it” might be.

If you’re going to show up, you might as well show up 100% as the powerhouse you are.

5.Stay in your zone of genius.

Just because creating big fat sales funnels in the next fad in business, you don’t need to be preaching about it.

Talk + teach what you know, love and believe in. People out there need to hear it, if they want to learn about fat funnels, the next big fat “funnelist” is out there, trust.

6.Focus on quality, not quantity.

The key is to address your ideal client’s pain points, inform and help your people.

Talk solutions to their problems, don’t just scratch the surface of 100 x topics to make it seem like you’re pumping out tons of content. Social media strategy is not a contest in who posts more shit more often. It’s a strategy which builds the know, like and trust factor, but more importantly – it builds relationships between real humans.

Pumping out a shitload of white noise will not help anyone, neither will it help your business. Stick to talking about less things, but go more in depth.

7.Insert personality.

When your focus is narrowed, you can really go all in and show what you’re all about, as opposed to throwing mediocre posts in 7 different directions. Showing your personality is a HUGE part of a successful social media strategy – your people want to see YOU and what YOU’RE about!

8.Make your content engaging.

Again, when you’re focused on just a couple of social media platforms, you actually have time and likely, you’re even excited to interact with your audience.

Ask questions, engage, spark a conversation, that’s how you build a successful online presence. Social media strategy which includes forced, generic content that does not show your beautiful personality is a waste of your time – and it will not engage your audience.

9.Have fun.

I can’t stress this more, if you’re not having fun while teaching and doing what you do, helping and talking to your people, it’s never going to work.

If you’re miserable creating content and interacting, go back to step 1 & 2 and reassess where you’re showing up + how.

10.Stay consistent – this is a social media strategy (or any strategy for that matter) NON NEGOTIABLE.

Make sure people see your face on a regular, wherever you choose to show up.

Don’t post and run (if that’s what you’re doing – go back to step 1&2).

Keep showing up for your people and your business, you WILL get traction.

So here it is, my feel good list of social media strategy nuggets that will get you real results, without going nuts and growing a new set of arms so you can keep up.

Remember, the key to success is not following all the new trends and fads.

It’s staying TRUE to yourself, picking a focus and sticking with it, consistently. Deliver quality consistently over a period of time and reap the rewards – social media strategy is a long term thang, don’t expect miracles in minutes, it does not work that way girlfriend!

So now, your turn! Let me know in the comments, what’s your biggest social media strategy pet peeve? Where do you love hanging out? What platform makes you wanna stab your eyes out and run?

Know someone who would really benefit from the truth bombs in this post? Please share! <3


Eva xos